Pond Ideas with the Pots

May 15th

Pond ideas do not always require you to have the big space on the backyard. That is because the pond can also be made using the pots in the considerably big size. If you want to have the nice looking potted pond, then some of these ideas might be something that you are looking for.

pond pictures and ideas
pond pictures and ideas

 Potted Ponds Ideas in a Single Pot

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The first idea is to make the pond using one giant pot that looks like a pan. You can get this kind of pot at some plants store. For the decoration, you can have some small plants on the top of the pond and some small fish as the main attraction inside the pond. However, you will need to wait for some times to make this pond totally live as an ecosystem on its own.

 Waterfall Pond Concept Using Some Pots

Another nice idea that you can try is to get some pots with different size. You will need to arrange the smaller pot on the top and the bigger one on the bottom. You will also need some plants as the base for the pots and the water streaming from the top pot to the lower pot. This kind of idea will be similar with the fountain idea. However, this one is for the pond that has some fish.

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